Sing and Unite
Sing and Unite


Oh God of all creation

Oh God of all creation,
Bless this our land and nation!

What a way to start a national anthem. The spirit of these two lines is an acknowledgement that Kenya is God’s dream. Our fathers, in this loaded statement admitted that it is God who gave us what we have and are so proud of. The mountains, rivers, valleys, savanna grasslands, wild animals, breathtaking beaches and fertile lands – it is the God of all creation who gifted us with all these.

God of all creation is the one that created the diverse tribes that we have as a country. We cannot start to appreciate each other and celebrate our differences until we see that we are all God’s children, created equal and placed on this space called Kenya to coexist joyfully. No tribe was a mistake; we are all God’s best.

We ought to see that it is the God of all creation who has helped us bring our nation this far. We have lived in peace for decades. We have built a good nation, we have a fairly large economy, and we have a talented workforce. Our athletes are the best in the world. We see thousands of tourists come to enjoy our land every year. We are a blessed people.
These lines are an invitation of God to come and bless our efforts of nation building. Since independence, we have turned to God during tough times. When famine strikes, when our differences threaten to strangle our dream, when natural disaster strikes, and when the enemies of peace kill through explosives – we have always turned to the Almighty. God has been our strength, and will continue to be.

The first line looks up to the God of all creation as a father; a source of all the good things we are and we have. The second line appeals to that sovereign one to continue to bless us with all good things. It further acknowledges that without God we will slaughter each other, destroy our economy, experience dry spells, loose what we have and have our blessings turned into a curse.

We are a religious people who believe that God is our source (father), and that we are brothers, and that he has blessed us and will continue to bless us as we acknowledge him in our affairs. The national anthem starts with God. Kenya trip planner It is a prayer to the Almighty to bless us into greatness. A people start to deteriorate when they begin to live and act for themselves. The fear of God leads to wise decisions.

Whenever we sing these lines, may we be reminded that we are who we are because of God. That it is God who has brought us this far, and he will take us to our destiny. That through God we will become a greater nation. That in God there is the promise of justice and righteousness.

A few years ago, we allowed our political and tribal differences to drive us to the he shame of bloodshed. Today, and every day, as we sing these words, we are inviting the God of all creation to bless us with peace, restraint, prosperity and brotherhood. The Good Book tells us: Blessed is the nation whose God is the Lord, the people he chose for his inheritance. Kenya satellite map (Psalm 33:12)

Ee Mungu nguvu yetu, Ilete baraka kwetu!

We are asking Kenyans to share their thoughts on their favourite sections of the beautiful Kenyan National Anthem. Here Pastor Simon Mbevi writes on his favourite section, the first two lines of the Anthem.

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  1. Kenya needs concerted prayers (people of all faiths) to gather in unity at Uhuru Park, Nairobi every Saturday 2pm to 4pm to pray for peaceful elections, co-existence and prosperity and new foundations that are acceptable before GOD. God bless you

  2. good job guys.. keep it up!

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