Sing and Unite
Sing and Unite


Then its up to you. Because Unity is enough.

A lot of people upon hearing about this initiative have wondered, “then what?”. So Kenyans from all walks of life come together and sing the national anthem at the same time in one united voice. “Then what?” What is the larger project? What is the big point, what are we supposed to achieve?

Some have gone so far as to say, if there is no grand programme after we have sung, then why bother?

The answer is simple. Because Unity is Enough.

The national anthem is about all of us working together, it is about unity – and each one of us doing their bit to support the collective.

When people come together in an activity and do it in unison, the sense of brotherhood and the invigoration of their spirit, the sense that you are fighting this battle to survive, win in life with others; when we know and feel that we have something in common, that IN FACT holds us together and that our differences are mere details, then Unity is Enough.

This movement has only one purpose. To activate our kinship, our sense of togetherness, our recognition that we are united in purpose and vision. When you and I have taken time to reflect on what unity means to you personally and what role you personally have to play in your own surrounding to foster unity, you will know what should be done after the singing.

You will know what next.

Unity is enough because after we know we are together, we will be energised to work harder for what we believe in. We will see which part of Kenya’s problems we want to sort out and together, we will assist each other to improve our lives.

Because Unity as the whole point, is enough of a reason to stand at attention, next to a stranger, and sing the National Anthem.

The big point? Unite and Sing. What then after we have sung? Its up to you to decide.

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  1. Really fantastic, I would love to see all Kenyans united for the sake of peace and stability, lets not be divided by some selfish and uncaring politician only ambitious to achieve their goals and not that of Kenyans collectively. May God bless and touch every soul and make them see the essence of being united, Amen.

  2. I will stand to be counted! Kudos to you, we have to start somewhere!

  3. this is very exciting and i want to be part of this to the giving my service and support to this by selling t shirts that are trendy and show provide a message of peace and solidarity. If anyone wants one please feel free to hit me on my email that’s.

  4. Sure! This has been long overdue. United we stand

  5. what we need is more than anthem but bring this barbaric regime down.

  6. A national Anthem day it is.

    Before thinking of even a revolution, we should be in a position to identifying our challenges and possibly identify a credible leader to rally the masses. Otherwise our adventure will be related to that of the fly that keeps banging itself against a window, thinking it will escape.

  7. wonderful idea..a diversion from the divisive politics,we should for once unite regardless of religion,tribe,political affiliation etc

  8. Only unity will eradicate impunity. The corrupt will nolonger say ‘our community’ is being targetted. Remember they still all the drugs from public hospitals then go to private ones while our children are dying of curable diseases then they come back for our protection.

  9. Definately better to be a part of this than the circus going on with our political class. Kenyans let us stsnd and unite as one.

  10. I am one of those really tired of the balkanization and ethnization of the Kenyans. But this effort – this plan of singing the national anthem on the 28th of Feb. I find it absolutely stupid and a waste of time. If it was a call to come together, meet at Uhuru park and demonstrate our togetherness by holding hands… singing the national anthem… well, that would be a wonderful gesture of togetherness.

    But this is a call to nothingness… and I bet no one will remember. Those who say they will sing, won’t. The idea of bringing Kenyans together is great. The tactic is hogwash and moronic.

    • You can’t say the idea of bringing Kenyans together is great and then go on to say the method they are using is hogwash and moronic. This tactic is far more effective and doesn’t waste peoples time and resources filling up Uhuru park for 2 mins.. nor is anyone demonstrating here..if we cant unite together then we simply cant demonstrate together.

  11. i can bet my wallet that some people dont know the 2nd and 3rd verses but its really encouraging that we all join up to this am in altough am far from home il still take part

  12. God bless Kenya and it’s people where ever they are.

  13. Indeed…Unity is Enough! How powerful a statement!

  14. If we humble ourselves, forget about our tribes, and stop been greedy we will be a reborn Kenya. We will get a working Government and a Happy people.

    Please read the article: Kenya Government Vs Its People

  15. This sounds great, and as been said, just unity is enough. Unity build the tower of babel and God said,(Gen.11 5-8) The LORD said, “If as one people speaking the same language they have begun to do this, then NOTHING THEY PLAN TO DO WILL BE IMPOSSIBLE for them.


  16. Niko ndani kwa hii initiative……

    • though it may seem too little to many,it is worth it, we must start looking at ourselves as kenyans and realize that this country could have been far socially,politically and economically if not for the crop of politicians we have and their ethnisization of every important national issue,i am fully behind this call

  17. This is Bullshit…and a waste of time.

  18. All Kenyans of good will from all walks of life should rise up ,join hands more than only the national anthem.

  19. I sincerely think it’s a great idea. Unity will be our strength and ultimately our may in time whittle away the ‘balkanisation’ of this great people and nation which has become cyclical with every election period. We do know who the culprits are in that lets show them that we can be united..thus our power!

  20. I love it! We have to start somewhere and this is one good way that does not even require much.
    It will be a beautiful moment if most Kenyans take the time to do this.
    Brilliant idea.

  21. This is a masterpiece! Inspired by the love our forefathers had for Kenya, we will arise, put tribalism, nepotism and whatever else aside. We will celebrate Kenya that belongs to us all.

  22. in 1983, freedom-loving South Africans came together to oppose a constitutional reform being imposed by the apartheid government. this unity started as a loose coalition called the United Democratic Front [UDF] created to simply oppose a single piece of legislation with a finite end. in one of the many mass rallies held, 1 person asked: “what will happen after this is finished. will the UDF die?” in reply, one of the leaders, an old man called Archie Gumede, simply asked: “will you let it die?” the crowd screamed “no” and the UDF went on to unite millions of people and it created the tipping point that ended apartheid. yes, unity is enough! now it’s time for you Kenyans to inspire us with your unity. we trust this will grow…

  23. do you know what’s dividing us as kenyans,it’s names like njoroge,ouma,kilonzo….and the list goes about if we decided to name our new-born babies swahili and english names… john mzuri,patricia mrembo.we claim to use kiswahili as our ‘connecting’ language yet we do not embrace for me,i dont see the benefit of having these ethnic names.can we for Christ’s sake embrace kiswahili????

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